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Get involved

The aroma project is a collaborative project where software developed is release as open source and all documentation is freely available. As the project and its number of users grows the project needs help to keep up. You can help out in many ways:

  • Answer questions on the forum - if you think you have an answer, please reply.
  • Create new documentation such as Vignettes and How tos - if you're sitting on useful tutorials/scripts, please consider sharing them here.
  • Improve existing documentation - if you find typos, grammar errors, code errors or outdated information, please report/contribute updates via the mailing list.
  • Contribute with annotation data - if you have went through the efforts of to build annotation data files, please consider sharing them. We can host the data files.
  • Contribute with add ons - if you develop new models/methods on top of the aroma framework you are welcome to share them here. More users means feedback and higher quality in the long run.
  • Anything else you can think of.

Specific needs:

  • Update the HTML and Javascript of ArrayExplorer and ChromosomeExplorer to work again (they only work with Firefox 3.0-3.1). Solved in aroma.affymetrix v2.5.0 with great help from Keith Ching and Laurent Malvert.

Just drop a message to the mailing list/forum, if you are willing to help out. Thanks!