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Chip type: HuGeneFL (a.k.a. Hu6800)

"The Affymetrix GeneChip HuGeneFL Array is a single array that enables the relative monitoring of mRNA transcripts of approximately 5,600 full-length human genes. The full-length genes were selected from three databases: exemplars from UniGene Build 18 supplemented with additional genes from GenBank and TIGR. This array was initially released byAffymetrix in November of 1998." [Affymetrix, GeneChip Made-to-Order Program, Part No. 701159 Rev 2, 2001]

This chip type is also known as: Hu6800 ( and HG-U6800.

> cdf <- AffymetrixCdfFile$byChipType("Hu6800")
> cdf
Path: annotationData/chipTypes/Hu6800
Filename: Hu6800.cdf
Filesize: 20.40MB
Chip type: Hu6800
RAM: 0.00MB
File format: v3 (text; ASCII)
Dimension: 536x536
Number of cells: 287296
Number of units: 7129
Cells per unit: 40.30
Number of QC units: 10


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