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Chip type: HT_HG-U133_Plus_PM

HT HG-U133+ PM Array Plate

Affymetrix press release: ??? (2008?)

Affymetrix product page: "Measure gene expression of more than 47,000 transcripts and variants, including more than 33,000 well-characterized genes and UniGene clusters per sample." [...] "Two design changes were introduced with the GeneChip HT HG-U133+ PM Array Plate: (1) Only perfect match (PM) probes from the cartridge design were retained while mismatch (MM) probes were removed. (2) Empirical data was used to select the best-performing probes resulting in reducing the number of PM probes; (i) 42,461 probe sets were reduced from 11 to nine probes (ii) Six probe sets were reduced from 11 to 10."


> cdf <- AffymetrixCdfFile$byChipType("HT_HG-U133_Plus_PM")
> cdf
Path: annotationData/chipTypes/HT_HG-U133_Plus_PM
Filename: HT_HG-U133_Plus_PM.CDF
Filesize: 16.05MB
Chip type: HT_HG-U133_Plus_PM
RAM: 0.00MB
File format: v4 (binary; XDA)
Dimension: 744x744
Number of cells: 553536
Number of units: 54715
Cells per unit: 10.12
Number of QC units: 4


By Affymetrix:

  • Product page: HT HG-U133+ PM Array (for the CDF file, which is already in binary format, look for the "Library Files" section at this link)
  • See also the "Sample Data" section, where you will find a link to a ZIP file of a tissue panel dataset including 94 samples.