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Chip types: HT_HG-U133A & HT_HG-U133B

HT Human Genome U133 Array Plate Set

Early access versions of the HT_HG-U133A chip type were labelled U133AAofAv2(*) and HT_HT-U133A_EA.

Footnote: (*) The evidence for this comes from comparing spatial images of a CEL file with U133AAofAv2 [PNG] in the header with one with HT_HT-U133A [PNG]. Both have the same spatial patterns, i.e. blocks of checkered blocks and control probes, "landing lights", and positive controls spelling out 'GeneChip' and 'HG-U133 AofAv2'.


> cdf <- AffymetrixCdfFile$byChipType("HT_HG-U133A")
> cdf
Path: annotationData/chipTypes/HT_HG-U133A
Filename: HT_HG-U133A.cdf
Filesize: 38.72MB
Chip type: HT_HG-U133A
RAM: 0.00MB
File format: v3 (text; ASCII)
Dimension: 744x744
Number of cells: 553536
Number of units: 22277
Cells per unit: 24.85
Number of QC units: 7


> cdf <- AffymetrixCdfFile$byChipType("HT_HG-U133B")
> cdf
Path: annotationData/chipTypes/HT_HG-U133B
Filename: HT_HG-U133B.cdf
Filesize: 38.45MB
Chip type: HT_HG-U133B
RAM: 0.00MB
Dimension: 744x744
Number of cells: 553536
Number of units: 22665
Cells per unit: 24.42
Number of QC units: 4


By Affymetrix: