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Chip type: ATH1-121501

Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array

"The GeneChip Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array, designed in collaboration with TIGR, contains more than 22,500 probe sets representing approximately 24,000 genes. The array is based on information from the international Arabidopsis sequencing project that was formally completed in December, 2000. In parallel and subsequent to the genome's completion, TIGR reannotated the entire genome in a project funded by the National Science Foundation and the resulting data was used in the design of this array. Data from the TIGR database (ATH1-121501) is hosted in the NetAffx Analysis Center." (Affymetrix Product Description)


> cdf <- AffymetrixCdfFile$byChipType("ATH1-121501")
> cdf
Path: annotationData/chipTypes/ATH1-121501
Filename: ATH1-121501.CDF
File size: 38.57 MB (40443102 bytes)
Chip type: ATH1-121501
RAM: 0.00MB
File format: v3 (text; ASCII)
Dimension: 712x712
Number of cells: 506944
Number of units: 22810
Cells per unit: 22.22
Number of QC units: 10

Note I: The CDF downloaded from the Affymetrix website is in an ASCII (text) file format. It is highly recommended to work with binary CDFs instead since they are orders of magnitude faster to query and more memory efficient to work with. Use convertCdf() in the affxparser package to convert an ASCII CDF into binary.



  • ATH1-121501.cdf.gz
    • A binary version of the Affymetrix unsupported ASCII CDF (with the same name). Created by: Henrik Bengtsson, 2013-10-04.

By Affymetrix